Iceni's BSL Sign Language Courses

All our BSL Sign Language Courses are taught on Wednesdays. All classes are taught in a small group and last either 45 minutes or 1 hour. Our next courses start in October 2018 and we offer BSL 101 for 10 weeks (x 45 mins) at £99, BSL 102 for 15 weeks (x 45 mins) at £150 and BSL 103 for 18 weeks (x 1hr) at £215. New ** BSL 201 ** begins Wednesday 17th October 2018 for 15 weeks (x 1 hr) at £199. You will achieve exam level, but exams are optional and not included in the course price. Exam fees range from £50 - £75 but may be subject to change by the examining board.