EXAM RESULTS  Updated August 2019 !!!

Sign Language BSL 101 - 100% pass rate this term, 
ABRSM Theory and Practical 100% pass rate this term! 

RGT Guitar and Ukulele 100% pass rate this term!

Congratulations to all the students! Thank you to all our tutors!

EXAMS 2019

Music Exams - only exam boards shown below

Iceni is an exam venue, covering Music exams with ABRSM (Classical and Jazz, subject to numbers) and RGT.

Sign Language Exams

We also offer Signature Sign Language exams on site, here at Iceni.

See below for current exam dates and deadlines to book exams with Iceni. Only onsite exam boards information shown below.



Off-site Practicals

CLASSICAL: Mon 4th Nov - Sat 7th Dec

JAZZ: Mon 4th Nov - Sat 16th Nov

(Jazz subject to numbers)

Latest Online Entry: CLOSED

On-site Practicals

Thu 19th Dec (subject to numbers)

Entry deadline: Thu 31st Oct

Theory Exams

Wed 6th Nov 

Latest Online Entry: CLOSED


RGT Exams to be held at Iceni

Fri 1st Nov - Fri 20th Dec 

Entry deadline: Tue 8th Oct

LCM or TRINITY (Practical or Theory)

Information to be obtained via LCM or Trinity web-sites directly.



Entry deadline: TBC

For enquiries about other exam boards please call on 020 3632 3900 or e-mail at icenimusic@outlook.com