Iceni Music will be having a sale leading up to Christmas!

This sale does not apply to rental instruments


        If anything is of interest, please email Iceni, via the contact page and provide the

code of the product and if possible a small description and the price showing.   

We understand that purchasing a first instrument is a big commitment. That's why Iceni offer rentals and rent-to-buy schemes on instruments such as trumpets, violins, flutes, cellos, double basses and more.  Rentals are for 3 months. If you wish to purchase the instrument at the end of the three months, the rental fee will be deducted from the purchase price. 

Please note: rentals incur a £15 admin fee and are subject to Name and Address IDs.  If you decide to purchase the instrument after first rental, the rental paid will be deducted (not the admin fee).  If you decide to re-rent, the admin fee reduces to £5 after first rental.

Items for rental are pictured on sales pages.


1/4 Mayflower Cello (2nd hand – chips and scratches noted on body)

code C3 - Rental £75 (Sale price £225)

1/4 Hungarian (no label)  some repairs/chips -

code C9 - Rental £80  (Sale price £299.)  RRP would be over £600


1/4 Stentor II - B-stock – some chips -

code C6 - Rental £95 (Sale price £350) 


1/4 Stentor II - B-stock – some chips -

code C10 - Rental £95 (Sale price £350)


3/4 Cremona Cello (2nd hand – chips and scratches on body and scroll; 2 crack repairs)

code C4 - Rental £80 (Sale price £299)


3/4 Stentor II Cello (2nd hand – chips; crack repair)

code C5 - Rental £90 (Sale price £325)


3/4 Prima 90 - B-stock – new fingerboard

code C7 – Rental £90 (Sale price £350)

3/4 Boosey & Hawkes – some chips but reasonably good condition cosmetically

code C17 - Rental £100 (Sale price £399) 


Currently featured: VIOLINS

Rental - £40

V2 , V13, V18, V25,

V20, V19, V17, V21,

V22, V23, V24, V27,

V5, V6, V7, V4, V28,

V12,   (though V22 is still on its way) 4/4 – SG – New - £89 – Available for rental



V26, V6, V15, V16,

V3, V2




Currently featured: VIOLAS

VL1 – Gear for Music ¼ violin strung as a viola rental £50

VL4 – Stentor Viola (size tbc) £180 rental £60

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