We stock many percussion instruments as well as a small range of accessories.

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Drum table ~ Cajon ~ Bongos ~ Bodhran ~ Drum heads ~ Tambourines ~ Rainsticks ~ Shakers
Drum pad ~ Drum sticks ~ Random - Monkey drums, Shakers, Stomp box, Jingles, Bells,
Kimbala, Claves, Mini drum, Cow bells, Xylophone, Glockenspiel, Tambour

Drum Table
drum table 1jpg

drum table 2jpg

drum table 3jpg

Drum Table with Glass Top - £100 (Was 125) 'Table by day - Drum by Night'


Cajon 1jpgCajon 2jpg

Cajon – Ex-display (slight scratches) £70

bongos 3jpg


Bongos - £55 - New

bodhran 1jpg

Bodhran - £45 -New

drum 1jpgdrum 2jpgdrum 3jpg

Drum - £29.50

drum headsjpg

Drum heads – starting at £20

tambourine 1jpg tambourine 2jpg


                     Picture ONE                          Picture TWO

                     Skin - Small - 10.99/Large - £9/99-£13.50             Half-Moon Tambouries (all of the above) - £14

                     Wooden - Small - £9.99/Large £12.99-£15



Rainsticks - All 2nd hand - Sold as seen - Top - £49 ~ Middle - £30 ~ Bottom - £40 


Shakers - Hayman packs (different weights) - £4.99 a pack ~ Egg cup - £2.99

drum machinejpg

Practice Drum - £30 - Was £50 (2 in stock - boxes slightly damaged)

drum sticksjpg

Drum Sticks - Prices as in picture above - Starting at £4.99

percussion 2jpg

All priced in picture above

Item bottom left is a Stomp Box

percussion 1jpg

All priced in picture above

percussion 3jpg

All priced up in the image above



Melodicas - Scarlatti - Green - £29; Red and Black - £45

As this is currently not an e-commerce site, whilst we have made every attempt to show correct information, we apologise if there are any discrepancies on description or images. Please therefore allow for human error. 

Some pictures show cases, however, they may not be included. This is purely for picture purposes.